How To Quit Smoking With E Juice

I know that most people do not consider vaping to be something that is recommended in order to help you to quit smoking, and the reason for this is because you usually just end up trading your cigarettes in for a vape pen.  However, I do believe that I have developed a system in which e juice can help someone to quit nicotine altogether, and that is what I would like to share with you today.  You see, the thing that is so great about eliquid is the fact that you can specify the amount of nicotine that you want in it, and so it is possible to wean yourself completely off of nicotine over a period of time.  This is definitely a better way to quit than going cold turkey, as you will not have to worry about any kind of nicotine withdrawal or anything like that.

e juice

    What I did was I started with a liquid that had a high level of nicotine, and every single month when I bought a new liquid, I would lower the percentage of nicotine in it ever so slightly.  Eventually, I ended up with a liquid that had very little nicotine in it at all.  It was just enough nicotine to calm any cravings that I might have had, while also giving me the physical act of vaping to help me with that addiction.  I even spent a month vaping a liquid that had zero nicotine in it, as this helped me with the physical act and gave me something to do while I was bored.

    I have now completely kicked my nicotine habit, and I am not even vaping anymore.  In my experience, this is definitely the best way that anyone could possibly go about quitting smoking.